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Domaine du Pegau Pink Pegau 2016 0,75

DKK 75,00
DKK 119,00
A delicious new rosé from Laurence Féraud of Domaine du Pegau, Pink Pegau was crafted at Château Pegau, a recently purchased estate of more than 100 acres located less than 4 miles from Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Tasting Notes
Pale pink/salmon in color, with peach, floral and red fruit aromas. Bone dry, with a crisp, mouth-watering acidity leading to a long, spicy, mineral finish.

SPAR 37%
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Gothic Wines Hyland Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2012 0,75

DKK 299,00
DKK 429,00
300 kasser produceret

I 2009 blev Gothic Wines etableret af Josh Nadel og William Tigertt, som med årtiers erfaring fra sommelier verdenen havde opbygget en ambition om at skabe klassisk Pinot Noir dyrket i Den Nye Verden men med udgangspunkt i Old Style Winemaking.

Mange års relationer til top vinerier førte dem til den nordvestlige del af USA -  nærmere betegnet til kølige vinmarker i Oregons Willamette Valley indpakket i tåge.

Idag kan man tilbyde et komplet line up med både Chardonnay og Pinot Noir i både Village og Enkeltmark. Herudover produceres en meget populær Rosé vin.

The historic Hyland Vineyard was planted in 1971, just five years after Pinot Noir was introduced to Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Planted with rare and prized own-rooted, old vine Pinot Noir, the vineyard lies exposed to cool mari- time winds and coastal influences via the Van Duzer corridor break in the coastal range.
Elevations of 600-800 feet and the volcanic soils of the McMinnville sub-AVA provide ideal growing conditions.
The 2012 vintage was glorious and warm. Grapes ripened gradually during a beautiful, dry summer and fall, yielding healthy, dark fruit rich in flavor and color. Hyland Vineyard is one of our cooler, wilder sites, located on an exposed vol- canic ridge at an elevation of 600-800 feet , with a front row view of the coastal range. Buffeted by winds and cool ocean breezes, the grapes are influenced by cooler nights and marine air.
Our own rooted, old vine fruit was entirely de-stemmed and aged for 14 months in French oak, 25% of which was new. A moderate purple-ruby color leads towards plum, black cherry and smoked blue fruits mixed with volcanic mineral and stone. Layers of ripe fruit seamlessly integrate with judicious barrel treatment, yielding a medium bodied, tactile and tex- tured Pinot with dark, ripe fruit and balance befitting the warm growing season and unique site that is Hyland.
– a true Gothic Wine. 

This limited series production is restricted to 300 cases. 

SPAR 30%
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Sean Minor Pinot Noir Carneros 2012 0,75

DKK 149,00
DKK 199,00
Our Carneros Pinot Noir is medium-bodied with cherry, strawberry and plum nuances; surrounded by light toast flavors.  On entry, the wine displays bright cherry and berry flavors with earthy and sweet oak notes throughout the mid-palate.  The spicy finish lingers on the palate framed by fresh fruit and silky round tannins. 

Our Pinot Noir fruit is a blend of Pommard and Dijon clones from carefully selected vineyards in the Carneros region.  This growing season and harvest was reminiscent of our 2009 vintage. All grapes are hand-picked at night and early mornings to keep the fruit at optimal temperatures.  The fruit is then de-stemmed into bins and placed into open top fermenters.  The fruit is cold-soaked for 3 days prior to initiating fermentation.  Once fermentation begins, each tank is punched down two to three times per day to maintain consistent contact between the must and pommace throughout fermentation.  Once the wine is fermented dry it is racked to barrels for completion of malo-lactic fermentation.  The wine is aged 10 months in 100% French oak of which 18% is new.
SPAR 25%
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Sineann Gewurztraminer Precious 2013 0,375

DKK 179,00
DKK 249,00
Many years ago we went through agony to put out a late harvest Viognier - a wine made by partially drying Viognier grapes, then pressing them to extract a limited amount of very intense juice.
Making this wine takes up much valuable time during a ridiculously busy time of year. Add to that the physical nature of making this stuff - piling grapes on trays, stacking them, unstacking them, dumping dried fruit to bins, destemming, pressing - and one might wonder why we would submit to this torture!
Well, we’ve done it again! In 2013 we used Gewurztraminer grapes from Kevin Chamber’s famed Resonance Vineyard.
It has been dubbed “The Precious” by the winery crew.
17%. Starting sugar was 38 brix. Residual sugar is a not low - around
You may find the back label amusing. It was composed by Norm Mayall. We drafted him after multiple complaints about the less-than- creative back labels on our other wines. 
SPAR 28%
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Sineann Sweet Sydney Zinfandel 2013 0,375

DKK 179,00
DKK 249,00
Sweet Sydney was produced from frozen late harvest Zinfandel off a vineyard near the Dalles, OR. Already very high in sugar from a long, late harvest; a short stint in a freezer further concentrated the sugars, flavors and aromas leading to this monumental beverage.
Starting brix was 37%. The residual sugar is 21%.
Wave after wave of intense flavor will overwhelm your palate as you sample this wine. Five minutes later, the taste will have hardly diminished. The wine is light in alcohol, heavy on flavor.
The wine is named after our beautiful 26 year-old daughter, Sydney.
Dessert for us is a bottle of Sweet Sydney and cheese - any cheese as nothing can overwhelm this wine! 
SPAR 28%
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