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Krug Collection 1990 0,75

DKK 4.995,00
Krug – part of the Louis-Vuitton-Moet-Hennessy luxury goods empire since 1999 – continues to release wines fully worthy of their house’s exalted reputation that reflect inter alia the effects of micro-vinification in barrel and an (in the best sense) laissez-faire and leisurely attitude toward elevage and bottle-aging. (Although – for what little this may be worth – count me among those who find the metalicized labels that now adorn their bottles glitzy, and as such slightly incongruous with their contents). Director Olivier Krug represents his family’s sixth generation, assisted by veteran cellarmaster Eric Lebel and oenologist Julie Cavil. Most Champagne lovers will realize that each bottle from Krug nowadays comes with an identification number enabling the consumer to research its approximate disgorgement date – and sometimes other details specific to the bottle in question – via the house’s web site; but in keeping with the convention established for my reports, I have only referenced this number for the purpose of disambiguating non-vintage cuvees.
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Joseph Jewell Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 2013 0,75

DKK 239,00
DKK 299,00
Blended from three different vineyard sites, this medium-bodied wine is a transparent ruby hue. It offers a perfume of cherry liqueur, cassis, wild rose, vanilla, and baking spice. Bright red fruits dominate the palate, particularly red cherry and pomegranate. Ample acidity keeps those fruit flavors in balance. This wine finishes with an earthy complexity and lingering notes of red fruit. 
658 cases produced.

Bag Joseph Jewell står de to venner og og vinmagere Micah Joseph Wirth og Adrian Jewell Manspeaker, som havde deres debut i 2006 hvor de lavede deres første vin i en garage I Windsor. Med to franske egetræs tønder, en meget lille presse og lige nøjagtigt en ton Pinot Noir druer fra Russian River så lykkedes det dem at producer 50 kasser enkeltmarks Pinot Noir. Derfra er det kun gået fremad med super anmeldelser og idag producers der årligt 2500 kasser – stadig mikro production som sikres evnen til at fastholde finesse og nerven i vinen.
SPAR 20%
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Domaine Merlin Cherrier Sancerre 2014 0,75

DKK 135,00
DKK 165,00
Sauvignon Blanc - ingen fad.
Sådan skal Sancerre smage. Elegant næse med toner af citrus,  grape, græs, flint og en smule hyld i finishen. Smagen er flot balanceret med et let udtryk, flot mineralitet og god syre.

Bag Merlin-Cherrier står Thierry Merlin. Domainet ligger i Bué, en lille by i nærheden af byen Sancerre. I Bué har man de to forskellige hovedtyper af jordbund. Caillottes  - Oxford kalk - er en stenet kalktype med ler og mergel, der giver parfumerede, elegante vine. Terres Blanches - Kimmeridge kalk - samme jordtype som i Chablis, giver frugtige og fyldige vine med et langt liv. Merlin-Cherrier har 12 ha med Sauvignon Blanc og 2 ha med Pinot Noir og Thierry Merlin er fjerde generation, der dyrker vin på ejendommen.
SPAR 18%
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Wilde Farm Donnelly Creek Vineyard Pinot Noir Anderson Valley 2014 0,75

DKK 225,00
DKK 399,00
Spar tæt på 45%
Antonio Galloni
The 2014 Pinot Noir Donnelly Creek Vineyard is pretty, gracious and nicely lifted throughout. Sweet red cherry, sage, mint, orange peel and spice are all nicely delineated. The 2014 was done with 80% whole clusters, which gives it a slightly fleeting personality. My impression is that the 2014 could use a bit more depth, although there is good inner sweetness and pliancy.

Pax Mahle makes Wilde Farm wines. He has a light touch and a craftsman’s approach. Together, we work hard to ensure that Pax has the best materials available and that as a team we screw it up as little as possible. We source grapes from old vine, low yield sites, where soil, climate and honest farming practices allow for a full expression of the type of grape and the place the grapes come from. We only offer vineyard designated wines (so far).We pick when the grapes are ripe and ready. Yeasts are ambient, oak is neutral and fermentation happens at its own pace. We sometimes include stems in the primary fermentation, when it makes sense. We bottle our wines unfined and unfiltered. We sell them when we think they are delicious.

Wilde Farm was a place long before it was a wine. Built in 1907 by Samuel Wilde, a successful coffee and spice trader, Wilde Farm began as a horse farm, with a generous kitchen garden of vegetables and herbs. It is of the Colonial Revival style popular at the time. The edifice itself is purposefully constructed, with hand-hewn floorboards, chestnut moldings, high, plastered ceilings and strong, honest lines. Much like its eponymous wine, the house was expertly crafted of honest materials and made to age gracefully. About twenty years ago, my wife and I took over custody of Wilde Farm. There we have raised three beautiful boys, in the only home they have ever known.Wilde Farm makes wines from old vines and exceptional vineyards. Quantities are very small. Our wines are bright, balanced and made by hand. They emphasize a balance of acid and fruit. As an added bonus they age great.
SPAR 44%
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Leoville Barton Reserve de Leoville Barton 2010 0,75

DKK 299,00
DKK 349,00
Leveres i OWC ved 6 flasker.
About Château Léoville Barton
The vineyards at Leoville Barton originally formed part of the great Leoville estate. Following the death of Marquis de la Cases, the vast property was split into three; the Marquis’ son Jean-Pierre took the third that is now Leoville Las Cases, the Marquis’ daughter, Jeanne’s share became what we know as Leoville Poyferre following her marriage to the Baron de Poyferre and the final third was auctioned off and purchased by Hugh Barton, who has recently purchased Langoa in 1821. Today the estate is expertly run by Anthony Barton, one of the best respected propriétaire in Bordeaux. He makes wines to be enjoyed on the table and is quite outspoken about wine being used as an investment vehicle. He prices his wines for consumers and as such has a legion of devoted followers. 

The vineyard comprises 47 hectares on classically gravelly St Julien soils over clay. Plantings are dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon (72%) with 20% Merlot and 8% Cabernet Franc. The Grand vin is one of the most popular cru Classé in the UK market, but the less well known second label, Reserve de Leoville Barton offers similarly good value and is much more accessible in its youth.
SPAR 14%
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Calera Wine Company Smagekasse (12 flasker)

DKK 4.299,00
DKK 5.392,00
Spar 20%...op til 97P.
Har du endnu ikke fundet din favorit fra Calera kan denne smagekasse måske være en mulighed. Kassen indeholder 12 flasker fordelt på

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  • 1 fl. Mt. Harlan Mills Vineyard Pinot Noir 2013 (94+P) 
  • 1 fl. Mt. Harlan Jensen Vineyard Pinot Noir 2013 (96P)
  • 1 fl. Mt. Harlan Reed Vineyard Pinot Noir 2013 (93+P)
  • 1 fl. Mt. Harlan Selleck Vineyard Pinot Noir 2013 (97P)
SPAR 20%
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Forman Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 0,75

DKK 699,00
DKK 879,00
Galloni 97+
Galloni 97+
A totally dazzling wine, Ric Forman's 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon is easily one of the wines of the vintage. Today, the 2013 is dense, powerful and explosive, with fabulous energy and tons of sheer intensity. Graphite, smoke, tobacco and layers of dark-fleshed fruit all open up in the glass. This is the first vintage to incorporate a dollop of Malbec. The 2013 has just been bottled. I will not be surprised at all if it merits a higher rating at some point in the future. Even better from bottle than it was from barrel, Ric Forman's 2013 is a super-classic, old-school Napa Cabernet to treasure for the next three decades. Best of all, Forman's Cabernet is probably the single greatest value in Napa Valley Cabernet.

There are few winemakers in Napa Valley who can match Ric Forman's enviable track record. My only regret is that Forman makes only one Chardonnay and one Cabernet Sauvignon, as my tastings at the estate tend to be short. At their best, these are some of the most compelling wines being made in the US today. Forman blocks the malo on his Chardonnay, a style he made famous decades ago, which results in unusually steely, vibrant wines by California standards. Forman's Cabernets are the stuff of legends and are capable of aging 30-40 years. Quite remarkably, these wines remain exceptionally well priced considering their quality.
SPAR 20%
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Harlan Estate 2012 0,75

DKK 6.495,00
DKK 7.995,00
Robert Parker 99+
Robert Parker 99+
The 2012 Harlan Estate is reminiscent of their 2002. Probably a candidate for perfection with another 4-5 years of bottle age, the wine is inky plum/purple to the rim and offers a gorgeous nose of scorched earth, blackberry and cassis, forest floor, and a floral, lavender-like component followed by deep, opulent, majestic flavors that caress the palate with high but sweet tannin. This is relatively evolved, and supple and voluptuous for a young Harlan estate – hence the comparison with their compelling 2002. This wine can be drunk in several years and is likely another candidate for 30-50 years of cellaring.

The Maiden is made up of the lighter, softer, more evolved lots culled from the Harlan Estate wine. The Harlan Estate is virtually all Cabernet Sauvignon with a touch of Merlot and Petit Verdot, but interestingly, very little or possibly no Cabernet Franc, which is surprising in view of its neighbor Futo Estate, which is just down the hillside and does such a magnificent job with Cabernet Franc in their blends. 

As a postscript, I recently tasted the first Harlan Estate wines, which were never released, as Bill Harlan wanted to set the market on fire with a truly great wine. Looking back on the 1987, 1988 and 1989, the 1987 was tired, but the other two vintages were certainly upper 80-point wines, although nowhere near the quality of his first release, the 1990, or the subsequent great wines that started with the 1991. And speaking of the 1991, I just had two bottles of it at two separate tastings from my cellar, and that wine, at age 24, is still incredibly vigorous, vibrant and majestic. So my aging curves of 30-50 years for recent great vintages are completely understandable, given the fact that the 1991 still has at least another 20 years of life left in it.
SPAR 19%
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